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    Crazy Run Flat sounds - Sell car or change tyres

    BMW 2016 740d xd 20 inch wheels.

    Run flat factory Bridgestones tyres have around 6 mil left but boy the noise is unbearable.


    275/35 R20 Y (102)

    Db on best surface inside car 60mph = 52-55db
    2019 VW Touareg 19s non runflats = 46db!!!!

    My tyres are noted to be a 69db tyre. This means that they appear on paper to be quieter than a non run flat tyre averaging 70-72db. This is why I have not immediately changed out the run flats.

    The questions are - is the DB rating on the tyre a fib? - does it mean nothing in the real world? Or is this "luxury car" just badly made and not enough sound proofing has been added.

    Its a 1200 test, so I thought I would ask some proper tyre experts rather than those on BMW forums who talk about driving experience - I don't care about softer ride, I have air shocks, its already too soft.
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