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      Welcome to the Tyre Forum.com !

      Why Was The Tyre Forum Setup?

      The TyreForum.com has been set up to help customers find independent and unbiased reviews on tyres from customers, and to give as much information on tyres as possible. From customer tyres reviews and tyre tests, after all most people over the life of any car will have fitted at least 2 or more different tyre brands on their car, van or 4x4.

      The Tyre Forum enables each member to place a review of their tyres online for other customers to view.

      Where Do The Tyre Reviews Come From ?

      Our tyre reviews are from members who have had or currently have the tyres on their car, van or 4x4. We also use information from independent tyre tests from all over the world. We also have some members of the forum who sell tyres as part of their job. From all this information we hope to be able to give our members a true and accurate review of tyres.

      The more members who review tyres on the forum the better the poll results will be for each tyres ensuring you get a full and detailed analysis of any give tyre on our forum.

      From time to time some of the big tyre companies launch a new tyre and invite people to a track day to test their tyres versus their competitors, as part of another forum I was invited to the launch of the Michelin Primacy 3, you can read my full review here: http://www.tyreforum.com/showthread....-Valencia-2011

      When events like this become available we will normally post them on the forum to give our members the chance to go, places are normally limited and preference will be given to forum members who have contributed the most to the forum, and of course who can come back and tell us all about it with pictures !

      How Do I Leave a Tyre Review ?

      Itís easy, simply register on the forum, you can do this by clicking on the Register button at the top, once registered you will receive an email with a link to activate your account, once activated you can then post comments on the forum.

      Remember: Only Post "Tyre Reviews" in the Appropriate Section so if you want to leave a review for your Conti Sport Contact 5P tyres find your corresponding tyre in the Continental section: Summer Car Tyres > Continental Car Tyres > Conti Sport Contact 5P

      How Do I Get Help On Which Tyre I Need ?

      If you want to get suggestions from other members on which tyres they would recommend for your car, Van or 4x4 please use the section Which Tyres / What Tyres Should I Buy ? Simply post your question here with what you are looking for in a tyre and one of our members will reply.

      Where Can I Post General Tyre Questions ?

      If you are looking for a section for general chat and comments on tyres or want to comment on anything tyre related please post your comments in the General Tyre Discussion section.
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